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Where the heck have we been?

Posted by Robyn Clark on

Hey babes!!! How are you? It's Robyn (owner of James Marie)!! I have missed you so much!! Where have I been??
Can I be transparent with you??
I have been working!! That is right, I am a 9-5er, a Corporate America lady!! Working endless hours for another company while neglecting my business!! That sounds crazy right? I guess but can I really blame my job? Not really. It is my job to make time for both. Corporate America funds the dream aka James Marie but I cannot spend all my time there.
Now truthfully I am not one to complain about my job or the fact that I work in Corporate America. I honestly look at it as a blessing having worked for several multi-billion dollar companies, holding several positions. Is this where I want to be forever? The answer to that is no realizing this is a part of my success story. That is right, working in Corporate America will help get me where I want to be. Corporate America has allowed me to have a seat at the table with senior leaders and executives. What does that mean? I have the recipe (snowfall language, lol). The recipe these companies use in order to become and remain successful.
Not only does my corporate job fund James Marie but Corporate America teaches me how to run my business, how to be professional, how to move with the demands and changes of the world, how to take calculated risks, I can go on and on. Now that is all good but I have to be better with being attentive to my business. Not only do I work in Corporate America, I am a mother of a 9-year old basketball player who practices anywhere from 6-8 times a week. So life gets crazy at times.

So my advice to myself or any other business owner, boss mom, 9-5er!!
Be smart. Plan ahead, get organized, and most importantly be consistent.
Remember everything is about perspective. Nobody wants to work for anyone else but sometimes that is what is written in our story and it is a necessary part of our story. And I know sometimes it feels like you’re doing all of the above but the results aren’t matching your hard work. I feel this often!! My business wasn’t growing at the pace I expected, I wasn’t receiving the response I wanted, so what did I do? I became inconsistent, I stopped posting as much, I stopped engaging, I just stopped. And most of all I failed James Marie when I stopped. And most of all I failed James Marie. Remember that!! You’re failing yourself and what you worked so hard on, your business!!

But the key to growth is consistency. Consistency even when nobody is paying attention or liking, consistency even when there are no sales, consistency is key no matter what. So here I am again ready to be consistent but it is almost like starting over again and again. And I can not help but to wonder, what if I never stopped? Where would I be then??

I won't focus on the past.  Let's look toward our future together!!  Here's to a Future Full of Consistency!! 

Thanks for reading,


P.S. We will be dropping the first item of our Fall/Winter Collection very Soon. Stay Tuned!!



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